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Hi... is anyone out there? I've left this account over 3 years ago. I don't even believe that my closest friends or watchers on this account are even active anymore. u v u;; But I decided to log in to see anyways. Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! x 
" You probably notice that everything's locked. I've deleted quite a bit of my art and disabled all comments where I could. All that is left are my best pieces from my 2 years here. I have also left my favorite journal entries.

I cannot bring myself to deactive this account as it holds so many memories. So many friends, so many laughter, new, old, things I've gained, and things I've lost. They weren't always good, but they have shaped me into who I am.

Looking back at these two years, I want to say I have really improved. Although I am far from the level of art which I wish to achieve (and probably will never), I can confidently say I am proud.

I have fallen away from dA, as many of my old friends have noticed over the years. I don't think I will ever be as active as I once was, but I want a chance to try again. So, I am moving on. "

    Thank you sincerely. I think we must agree, we shared the best of memories. (:

p.s. Please, don't be sad everyone. I never meant for all this. ; - ; ;;; When I say I am moving on, I am merely moving to a new account. u v u The link to it is hidden in plain sight. <3 Happy searching!
Just wow! I'm still mind blown and mind numbed by the incredible amount of responses I've received on this. o A o Am I dreaming...? /faints

But no seriously. Thank you so much. u v u & Thank you sincerely for everyone who even just helped spread the word. ♥♥ I'm so moved. ; A ;

So... since I have enough responses, I can initiate part02 of the plan! o u o/

So as you know, this is extremely important to me. If I am going to do this, I'm going to have to do this right. I want to ensure that I assemble a strong group who share a strong vision so that the chances of seeing this project fail is minimized. (Because if this fails, I don't think I'll try something like this again for a while... ;; ) If you share this dream as strongly as I do, then you will understand.

The team in the end will have 4-5 people max (including me). I really don't want to limit it since so many people are interested but scheduling will become extremely hard the more people we have. orz;

    For everyone who are still interested in joining, please read the statements below carefully: o1. Since you're coming into this project with the knowledge that you will be working in a group, I will assume that you are willing and able to work with others. (i.e. compromise, ect) o2. As a given, a group cannot work well together unless each member feels comfortable with every other member (I know this first hand from the struggles of the yearbook team I work in at my school). Are you ready and willing to bond on a much deeper level with these stranger-will-be-friends than probably any other friend on dA? o3. Can you truly dedicate an hour a day? It doesn't have to be /every/ single day. We will understand if you have exams for a full week. But I'd like to be as consistent as possible so we don't lose motivation. o4. Are you willing and able to meet deadlines? o5. Above all else, if for some unexplainable reason, everyone on the team lost motivation (which might be possible, I want to foresee all disasters) will you re-inspire the team? Will you take leadership and remind us exactly why we came together? If all your answers are YES then please note me with the title "Your Dream is Mine" and I will send you the application. The deadline is going to be 11:59 AM [Central Time] March 7th.

I hope I haven't scared anyone away with the application. ;;;
But you know what--I won't know until I try!

So here we go!

diary 003. turning point (Calling all Dreamers!)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 9:56 PM

Hi guys. (: Been a while huh.. So um, I never did answer the sweet comments on the last journal. sdjfl I will get to it. OTL; Thank you so much for kindling my motivation. All those comments meant a lot to me. ♥

But yes, this is a continuation of that journal...
P.S. (sjdfkl I don't know if any of this makes sense OTL;; I just typed out stuff.;;; If you don't understand, I can try to explain clearer. ; - ; )

I am really curious. I still want to do a project (probably not a video game --too elaborate) but I can't do it by myself. I mean, I suppose I can if I really wanted to and tried extremely hard but... I really love working in groups. And the best thing about working in groups is that if one person loses motivation, other people can pick up the slack and re-inspire me to work.

Of course, as I have explained, the way the things are playing out in my life, I will probably never get a chance to do an artistic project with a group of other inspired artists in my professional life. ;_;

Which is why I've turned to deviantArt.

I don't know, I still have many doubts... Right now, my ideas are rather scattered. I don't have a set project in mind yet (whether it's a music video, oneshot manga, etcetc)...

I suppose it's best to be blunt.
I'm hoping to find 3-4 other inspired/motivated/dedicated artists, musicians, concept artists, etcetc who will be willing to dedicate 1 hour every day to whatever project we decide on in the end. In my mind, in my dreams, I envision us first getting together to get to know each other (skype/msn), then deciding on a desired project (the first will be very small and experimental to see if 1.we can really pull through and 2. if we all work well together as a group), and then probably meeting online everyday for 1 hour to work/chat/hang out and realize a dream together...

I'm skeptical... because, everyone is so busy, people lose motivation so quickly and get distracted by other things... but yet... I believe, or rather, want to believe, this is possible. It is only 1 hour out of 24 in a day. I am busy yet I believe I can dedicate one hour... Can you?

Stories of that 15/16 year old boy EOS who does his own dubstep stuff and has like millions of views on youtube and other success stories really inspire me. I want to believe it's possible.

I mean, even if in the end, this project gains no attention at all... just the feeling to completing something "big" ... that's all I need. That satisfaction to know, "Yes, it can be done."

So here goes (I'm really holding my breath on this)...

    Do you hold similar dreams? Would you want to work on a project with me? Will you be dedicated? Can we make something Different?

The realistic side of me is prepping me to be disappointed.
The romantic side of me is crossing my fingers.

I have to try.

diary 002. virtual reality

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 13, 2012, 5:46 PM
Ok, here is another one. c: If you guys read this, then kudos to you. ;u;b More about me. u v u  


When I was young, I wanted to be the mastermind behind the next best seller video game. I think, in my immaturity, I had planned to do it by myself. Write the story, draw the characters, code the program... It's really unrealistic but I was so excited. =u=/ I have always been a romantic. I romanticized my abilities. But now, it seems like I know my limits. I've become more of a realist, both fortunately and unfortunately.

I wanted to sing. I know now I can't sing that well.

I had so many dreams.
No, I still have so many dreams.
But what used to seem so real, doesn't seem so real anymore.

I want to be that person who designs the fashion and make-up for those k-pop stars in their MVs. I want to be the one who makes the sets and props for movies. I want to be the one behind the camera for photoshoots. I want to create that building, I want to interior design. I want design websites.

And of course, I still want to make a video game.

There's little to no chance now, with the way things are headed. I'm not studying art. Where will I find a group of people who have the abilities and capabilities and motivation to work with me anyways?

Sometimes, I dream of calling up a random video game company and telling them I want to help out. Not be hired, but just work as a volunteer. But what are they chances they'll let me? I can understand from their point of view why they wouldn't allow me, even if they will not lose a single cent by letting me work for them. Besides, I'm not that creative and my abilities are so limited... additionally, I don't have the time to even sharpen my skills in art.

But... Sometimes, I still plan on doing it. Maybe this summer. Just to see what happens. (:

Maybe, I'm still something of a romantic.

What are you? Realistic or romantic?

dairy 001. korean supermarkets

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2012, 9:06 PM
I figured I should try writing a personal journal since ... that one poll you know. xD And I realized that I never really write journals like these so... in a way... I create a barrier from letting others know me better? x); I'm not sure.

So... here we go.

Yesterday, I went out with my yearbook exec team to go to this one Korean super market called "H mart." Apparently everyone at my school goes there for fun so it was sort of exciting to finally get to go. Yet, I was a little nervous since, I'm not really all that close to any of the other execs. ;; I mean, I can talk with them and such, but I wouldn't run up and hug them or anything. x);

So we went there and I got to try a Korean hot stone rice bowl for the first time. o u o It was really cool. Even though it sizzled like forever and I was kind of scared to eat it at first (don't like getting my tongue burnt xD). I was kind of relieved that the kimchi wasn't that spicy too. xDD; Cause I had this Korean friend who when I went to their house, I literally couldn't really eat anything cause everything was wayyy too spicy for me. xD OTL I like spicy but I can't handle k-spicy I guess. xDD

We also took sticker pictures! o u o It was my first time and it was kinda stressful because it was like 7 of us in one booth so we were like crammed. u v u But it was still really fun. This both thing was like imported from Japan or something cause no one could understand the instructions as it talked to us. LOL;; And then decorating the pictures afterwards was stressful cause there was this timer... and Japanese instructions... hahah But we still got it done (lots of sparkles eue). We missed decorating one photo though because.. yeah...;;;

Also got to try one of the Karaoke rooms for the first time! We went to this bar/restaurant place with those rooms. The whole place smelled like smoke though. u v u;; I couldn't breathe. It was really hilarious too because we noticed that the background videos they played didn't really match the songs we sang. Like one guy was singing this deep meaningful happy song and in the background there was a girl strangling someone... o u o;; We started laughing cause of the irony. xDD;

It was really fun. >u< //

So yes, have you guys been to those Karaoke rooms before? o u o Or taken sticker pictures? x) ♥

Tagged + New Years Resolutions?!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 3, 2012, 8:32 AM
OK, I don't usually do tags but because this is Nori onee-sama. eue/

:iconsparklesplz: :iconbaka-nori: :iconsparklesplz:

1) Hello, How Are You?

What is this? Some sort of psychological therapy? :iconwthplz:
Jkjk, ilu nori-bro/sis. ;o; Don't hurt me. ilu ;A; Uhuh, I'm good. ;w;
How are you? ♥

2) Will you accept my labu for you? :icondeyedplz:

(please see above. o u o <3 )

3) Locks you in my basement :iconehesmileplz:

FEED MEEEE and GIVE ME INTERNET and MY LAPTOP and TABLET and VIDEO GAMES and... come visit me often plz?

4) Silverfish or Firebrats :iconpandarunplz::iconsparklesplz: (go google LOL)

Neither? ;o; Although, silverfish looks cuter... /shot x'D

5) Coffee or Tea?

Tea? Although, water!! x'D /plain plz

6) What would you do if I burned your yaoi collection? (if you read yaoi...if not then i burn your...clothes..? ovo)


7)I'm actually a guy. NO  REALLY I AM. :iconwthsparklesplz:

Oh that's alright, I knew about this a long time ago.

8)Do you know Bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan? :icondeyedplz:

No? ;o;

9) Know any good horror movies? ;-;

LOL, is this from our convo the other night? x'D Good thinking! Gather your resources and tell me what they say. eue/

10) Do you listen to kpop? If so, who's your fave?

I just listen to whomever/whatever sounds good. Shinee, Super Juior, Epik High, snsd, tvxq!, b2st, bigbang, ehh oh! b1a4. Uhhhhhh. Big Mouth! I don't know. I listen to generic stuff. xD


I tag no one cause I'm too lazy to come up with questions. o u o;;


o1. Find time to exercise and actually be consistent about it.
o2. Manage my time better.
o3. Be better about sleeping health-ly.
o4. Improve my art.
o5. Be a better person/friend/family member. u w u;
o6. Practice French/Mandarin more.
o7. Work harder to achieve what I want.
o8. Become less shy.

Farewell 2011. Hello 2012.

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 8:13 PM

This took me a whole day to write. But at least I got to finish writing it before the end of 1/1/12. *dies.

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

Neil Gaiman

You all know I love you, so you can just take that as the default message. I don't need to rewrite that each time. x'); And you all know you have wonderful art too. Take that as the other default. (; <3

♥ HA

alpha order

:iconaetheory: It's so weird. I think I met you when you were this age, the age I am now. Wow, we've known each other for a while huhh? (: You're a very interesting person with very deep thoughts--I always enjoy chatting with you. No matter what, you will always be my big bro!

:iconairasylvos:  Thank you (again /you can assume all the thank yous I've ever wanted to say packed into this one). (: I wish we talked more. Hopefully we will get to.

:iconalicechan: I know we don't really talk, but you really are an inspiration to me. (: And so nice as well! I feel honored I had a chance to meet you. I still treasure that print you gave me very much. ♥

:iconazterion: I often wish I wasn't so busy so I could properly thank you. I hope we will get to talk more this coming year!

:iconbaka-nori: WAH I don't even remember how I met you. And It's been two months but I feel like I've known you foreverrrr. We must watch some scary movies together sometime. /except I'll probably be hiding behind blankets half the time. orzorzlol You're so funny and great to talk to. ; u ; Amazing bro/sis foreverrr.

:iconblackcatshooter: Yuna sis, I'm sad that you've gotten so busy that we can never talk. ;o; But your support is amazing and I can't believe that such an amazing artist like you became a friend of such  a petty person like me. ;;  <3 I hope everything is going well.

:iconbritishmuffin: MuffMuff, I still can't believe I inspire you on backgrounds. Cause you're like my art inspiration. ; A ; I still have to thank you for teaching me about paypal and commissioning and everything! Geez, you're like my teacher now that I think about it. Thanks for sharing your amazingness. You're too nice.

:iconcandiedmalice: You're just so nice in so many ways. ; 3 ; It's strange, I feel close to you even though we don't really talk. Hahah, you're probably like "get away from me weirdo /punts" =u= HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET SIXTEEN you're so old now eue jkjk! Don't hurt me. x'DD /rolls (we can be old together)

:iconceribeaus: Oh gosh Bea, just gahhh. I'm so horrible that the reason we don't get to talk much is probably my fault. ;o; But you're just so sweet and awesome. And you're like one of my good friends although we hardly talk. I don't know, there's just something about you. (: ♥

:iconiaz-wall: Wow, you're so inspiring seriously. I feel super happy/blessed that you were my tadpole. :'D I hope your arm heals soon. ): At least, before classes start again. Will be super jelly if you become ambidextrous though!

:iconidiotcence: Man, I really miss you Le. ; D ; Seriously. Come back. Your dedication to draw with a mouse still blows my mind. And you're just so creative and kind. I know you're not active here anymore but I hope you're still drawing and doing well wherever you are.

:iconimimi-ai: You're just so cute and nice. <3 I love how you always remind me of how much I like TWEWY with your fanart and such. Whenever your art shows up in my inbox, I can't help but smile! C: You brighten up my day by being you. Hehe.

:iconkarumeru: Gah so sweet and talented. *u*/ Stay amazing.

:iconleayana: Wah, you are like one of the nicest people I've met on dA! *A* I swear, your whole gallery is nothing but gifts. So selfless, you really inspire me. ; u ; I hope we grow closer this coming year! <3

:iconlunare-chan: Another amazing friend who I hardly ever talk to but feel super close too. I love you Lune! I don't understand why you still talk to me since I suck as a horrible friend OTLOTL Do you have msn/skype?! *A* Thank you so much for your ever support, I seriously don't deserve you. I hope we get to talk more this coming year! *U*// LOVE YOU

:iconkresa-ne: I still remember the awesome time we had at A-kon, thanks for staying with us and keeping us company! C: I was so happy when you asked me to help you learn SAI. Your art has really improved since you started! Don't ever stop, because you can only get better from here.

:iconklendusic: I feel strangely close to you even though we hardly talk. u w u I hope we get to talk more this year because you definitely seem like a cool person. ; 3 ; <3 UPLOAD MORE ART

:iconawkwardlysloth: Thanks for everything. (:

:iconloosty: I really hope we can get to know each other better this coming year! You have a great personality. ; w ; <33  Teach me your awesome. ;o;

:iconlolitayume: Oh gosh, you're just soo sweet and wonderful. ;u; I'm so happy for everything you've achieved and I hope you continue achieving. Your art is so unique and inspiring! *u*/ And you yourself are just such a kind person. /I know you don't think so though but I promise, it's true. c:

:iconmangathepanda: I really want to thank you for your support! I hope we can talk more this coming year! <3

:iconmaymizuki: Best sister ever. Seriously.

:iconlittlemixer: Gah, I can't believe we've only known each other for such a short time cause I swear... I've known you my whole life EUE LOL Ah, I love you so much. You have such an open and friendly personality. x) I feel so blessed to have met you! I hope we get to grow closer this coming year and please draw more. You're amazing! I can't believe you got unwatched from me still. sdjfklsdf dA glitch? ;o; OTL I missed so much of your lovely art sdfjklsdf. Q_Q

:iconmochirou: Oh gosh, I miss you soo much Wanwan. ;o; I hope you'll be more relaxed soon. <3 I miss you so much. You're just so sweet in every way. TAT And your art even reflects that. ; w ;

:iconmonochromememory: I don't think I ever told you how cool your username is. sdfjdsklf But anyways, geez Michi, I'm so blessed to have met you. ;u;// You're ridiculously kind. And your art is soo unique. TAT I hope we can grow closer this coming year. ♥

:iconninjaofdooooom: NICOLE NICOLE NICOLE I just... don't even know what to say. sdjfkl You're just like my awesome spazz friend. eue/ I really miss our letter exchange... I think it's my fault that it stopped. TAT;; But seriously, I just love talking with you cause we always have so much fun. At least, I have loads of fun. x') <3 I hope we get to talk more this year!

:iconreyinn: We're cool. True story. /and apparently too hot for our own good sdjfklsdfjk xD I actually really like all the stories you tell me and it never bothers me when you ask if I'll be online, just fyi. (: Love you loads. ONE DAY I WILL VISIT YOU. sdfjkldjfkl

:iconshikai-4: I really really love your traditional stuff. Sob, so inspiring! *A* You're such a cool person~ I hope we get to talk more this coming year!

:iconshwippie: You... I... just gah, you're the most wonderful big sister in the world! /explodes. ♥♥ I really want to meet you one day. /please let it be this year at a certain school hehe. I'll rant how amazing you are on msn/FB/text/email or something cause it'll probably take an essay. Sobsob. <3 I'm so happy and lucky in so many ways to have met you.

:iconspeckledluminance: I still can't believe I didn't get to meet you at A-kon last year sdjfkdsf but that's okay. ;w; I still love that print you gave me very much. <3 You're my inspiration fro traditional works, seriously. I wish I was that brave to color traditionally. orz;; Hopefully we'll get to talk more this year & I hope you're still writing amazing stories! *u*/

:iconthuivi: You blow my mind sdjfksldf seriously. I am seriously going to try more realism now. I know we don't talk much but I feel like you're one of my good friends on dA! *u* I hope we get to talk more Julia. <3 Stay amazing~

:icontamiiland: Awesomest Mii twin ever. Hehe, thanks for always cheering me up and dropping by! o u o/ You're just so amazing and kind! <3 I couldn't have asked for a better friend! >u<

:iconteirrah1995: You're another one of my idol on dA! I really wish I could compose music like you. And I'm so touched to have a friend like you. Thanks for always remembering me and sending me little messages and saying hi. T u T I know I'm dying on here, so sincerely, thank you. <3

:icontokoco: I know we don't know each other very well but you're so kind and happy~ I can't help but me naturally drawn to you. Hehe! I really hope we can grow closer this coming year and if not, then I'm glad I had a chance to talk to you at least a few times! <3

:iconoeii: You're like my mommy seriously. ;o; I really wish we had more time to talk together but it seems like you're always busy. And I know I am as well. TAT You inspire me so much. I still remember when I first found your page on your old account. I was like "this person can't seriously be watching me ; D ;" and now... sdjfkl time goes by so fast. I hope we get to talk more this year. I really miss you. <3

:iconxblackflamex: I will see you in 2 weeks no matter what. sdjfklsdfj Love you amazing person you. e 3 e

:icondibidibidis: It's like we just met yesterday sjdfkldsfj. I hope everything is already with your health and such. *A* You really inspire me how you can draw guys and girls. Hehe, I still remember how that one time I saw your status "BLOW YOUR MIND" (I think) and I was like "sdfsdfjkl noooo  Mr. Simple?!sjdkflsdf" And you were like "yessss" Hahah bonded! <3

:iconxxspongebobstalkerxx: Thanks for always talking to me! (: You're always so much more knowledgable than me it seems though... like in every topic. Sorry I always die on you in our convos... OTL;; sometimes, I feel too dumb to answer. Hopefully we'll get to talk more this coming year. I learn a lot from talking to you!

:icontoteruu: I don't think you realize your own amazingness LOL <3 Seriously. Pixeling is an art that I can only dream of achieving sjfdklds & So sweet and kind beyond words. ; 3 ; I hope we get closer this coming year! T U T/

:iconzah-zah: Just so nice, always supporting me even when I'm like dead. OTLOTL I really don't deserve you. ;o; I hope we become closer! <3

People I really miss. ;A;

:icon16thapril: :iconbinnus: :iconcreativeclara: :iconandygassner: :icondisneyfairy: :icondooom-sama: :iconforbiddenimmortality: :iconfuzzi-wuzzi: :icongreenlightningbolt: :iconhawkuke: :iconheakuri-mu: :iconincit: :iconkaitastic: :iconkimkimsgalore: :iconkissmyash933: :iconkristin-with-an-i: :iconkumiho17: :iconkunnaii: :iconkyla45: :iconlittlescribble: :iconlolita-child: :iconmeg-star: :iconmel-mousy: :iconminisatra: :iconminyatto: :iconsharkbrite: :iconmonartha: :iconmuumio-omena: :iconpolarberrys: :iconpurikko: :iconrokudoll: :iconallisonchinart: :iconsaiyuki08: :iconsamayosukuichi: :iconbluequail: :iconsawadamasahiro: :iconsilvernomiko: :iconsuperfast-jellyfish: :iconsynconi: :icontabbykit: :icontaiyou-hime: :icontakappi: :iconthecoalminecanary: :icontheonlyoneleftalone: :icontheshyshinobi: :icontsukey: :icontsukiko-mei: :iconun-chan: :iconunhudion: :iconx-ia: :iconxephelos: :iconyuki-333: :iconyuulru:

Speed paint practice today. ;u;/ I'll also feature random people who come. Suggest songs too!

07.24.11 ♥ Thank you:
:iconbrille-ailes: :iconrisinghopes: :iconmegan-alina: :iconpouchii: :iconhound3: :iconninjaofdooooom:

I drew… for KimKimsGalore's birthday. c:

07.30.11 ♥ Thank you:
:iconreyinn: :iconyuki-333: :iconkresa-ne: :iconphung-chau: :iconshootingstarmari: :iconwiroh: :iconsawadamasahiro:

I drew… for karumeru as a thank you. ♥

10.29.11 ♥Thank you:

I drew… for oeiI because she's awesome. ♥

11.04.11 ♥Thank you:
:iconkresa-ne::iconimimi-ai::iconninjaofdooooom: :iconmangathepanda: :icontoteruu: :iconsasugareikon: :icondibidibidis: :iconpikamii: :iconfabric-fairytales::iconreyinn: :iconaetheory: :iconoeii: :iconhound3: :iconawkwardlysloth: :iconxxspongebobstalkerxx:

That was really fun! TUT Thanks all for coming, let me know if I missed you on the list. ;A; ♥

11.11.11 ♥Thank you:
Didn't record who came sorry. u w u; But I sang at this livestream.;; ♥
So this is the deal...

Prints I have available to sell... (they're matte'd.)

- Miku print (8x10") - 3 copies left.
- Maka and Soul print (8x10") -1 copy left.
- Death Note chibis (4x6") - 1 copy left.
- Shiro (4x6") - 2 copies left.

They're great as gifts or just to hang up on your wall! Bring a little bit of Nomi into your home! >u<)d
/lolshot. Here's a taste of my saleswoman-ness. |D

♥ 4x6" prints are $3 a piece, $5 for two, $7 for three! Shipping included (for U.S.)!
♥ 8x10" prints are $7 a piece and $12 for two! Shipping will depend on where you live, etc. =3=

This is just in case anyone's interested. If not, then owell, I tried. ;u;b
Top of the evening to you,
Ladies & Gentlemen. ♥

This is a copy from my group journal. fyi

SDJFKLDSJFLKSDF Got the table. I'm still shaking. I practiced filling out that form. Got it under a minute. When I finished filling out the form and bought the table, it was 7:31 PM. A minute after the forms went up.

My heart won't stop beating so quickly but I'm so happy. =u=;;
Maybe I stressed a little too much for this?
o u o

If you guys can make it to A-kon, I'll see you there!

Urkkk, I still have stuff I have to do before tonight ends. e n e;
Ahah, that was fun.

just fyi

Fri Jan 21, 2011, 8:46 AM
Semi-hiatus, again. Sorry sorry. orz;

Commissions are now up! ;u;
Even if no one commissions me, at least I tried?

Slots Open!

o1. :iconsikobi-oturo: 2 sticker sets

See my gallery for more examples of my art. c:

Will/Won't ♥

Will Draw or try
almost anything -- animals, gijinkas/ginkas, mecha, blood, action, scenery, tattoos, icons, wallpapers ...

Won't Draw
more than 2 characters per picture ( sorry n_n; ), images that will require the mature content filter, ...

Pricing >u< ♥

Note: Prices are just an estimated guess. They might be more or less depending on the specific request.

Special Offer! US only

I can also make custom (traditionally drawn) stickers & send them to you. ;u;

Drawn with pencil, markers, pens, and color pencils on card-stock paper. Can only be 2.5" in width but length is limitless.

USD $ 0.75
♥ small cute sticker { ex. food with cute faces on them, bubble letters, ... }
+ $ 0.25 per each new additional sticker (up to a max of 5 per set)

USD $ 1.50
♥ simple chibi { ex. OC's,…, animals)... }
+ 0.50 per each new additional sticker (up to a max of 5 per set)

I am willing to do a set that includes both "cute stickers" and "chibi stickers," but prices do not have a set guideline. Feel free to note me concerning your specific request and I can give you an estimated cost.

USD $ 0.50
♥ simple (digital) chibi { ex.… me ID) &… moi) }
♥ still avatar/icons (drawn, although I can try to pixel it)

USD $ 3.00
♥ elaborate (digital) chibi {ex.… chibi) ,… hoshi) ,… reyinn) ,… chibis) &… chibis) }
+ $ 0.75 for one more character
+ $ 0.50 for a simple background
♥ moving avatar (drawn, although I can try to pixel it)

{ ex. }

Some samples below this point are slightly more detailed than what I might be able to draw for you (at the price you're asking for).

USD $ 3.50
♥ head/bust (digital) sketch { ex.… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… . It'll most likely look like this:… (nomi) &… }
+ $ 1.00 for one more character
+ $ 0.50 for base colors only
+ $ 1.00 for colors with shading

USD $ 5.00
♥ full body (digital) sketch { ex.… ,… ,… ,… out) ,… , &…. It'll most likely look like this:… &… } *default generic pose
+ $ 2.00 for one more character
+ $ 2.00 for more a more complex pose
(+ $ 1.00 for complex pose for second character)
+ $ 0.50 for base colors only
+ $ 1.50 for colors with shading

USD $ 5.00 -- $ 25.00
♥ more elaborate pictures
If you are interested in this please tell me... 1. What you have in mind. 2. How much you are willing to spend. 3. When you'd like to have the picture done by (if you have a deadline in mind).
+ $ 3.00 for me to email you WIPs and ask for your feedback
+ $ 5.00 for private livestream so you can give instant feedback

Examples include anything I have already shown you above + things in my gallery aternity (including scraps) + things in my gallery yu-nomii (including scraps) + things in my blog my mind).

Note: Because I tend to work better on pictures that I am excited to work on (haha, don't we all), we will have to negotiate to include things we both want: what you want to see and things I want to (try to) draw. Some discussion might be needed if you don't mind. n_n;

Payment processes are slightly different for different requests.
Feel free to note me any questions! ♥

10 people.

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 14, 2011, 4:03 PM
Three are people I know in real life, two of them don't have a dA account, and the rest are the rest. <3
Just random people who came to mind. Reminiscing like an old lady. Ahah! xD;

o1. Hey you. (": Yeahhhh, gotta say I really love you and all the awesome dreams you have. You should know that you're much better than whatever you say or think you are. ♥ So thanks. For saving me that seat in math cause you know we nerds need those front row seats. B') & You're so awesome for always watching out for me. Please believe in yourself more because you really are something more.

o2. I really care about you and I really love making you happy! (: Thanks for all those surprises and cheering me up! ♥ You're an awesome person. I wish I could be something better for you but, oh wells, I suppose I can't be everything. =u=;

o3. Goodness, you're the most amazing person ever. Thank you for all those lovely little gifts and cards! ♥ It's always such a pleasure to come home to see your packages waiting for me and with those awesome messages. ; 3 ; B'aww you're never unthoughtful to me and I'm so happy you're willing to try all my crazy ideas with me. Ahahah! >3< I love you! Wo ai ni.  ♥

o4. I'm sorry I know it's my fault I don't really talk to you. I know I know we're both busy. But even when we're not. Are we growing even more different as the years passes by? It's my fault. I don't make the effort, even if I try. Goodness, I'm so sorry. ;_; Maybe I draw too much. Ahah, thank you anyways for all the memories. I hope we'll still continue to be good friends even as you're growing closer to my sister now and maybe drifting away from me. ♥

o5. You're so sweet, one of my oldest friends on dA, and just so adorable and loveable! I wish you the best with everything ahead of you. Wish I could be closer to you. ; 3 ; Maybe I'll get to visit you soon some summer from now when mom decides it's finally time to go to UK. ♥ I'll definitely drop by and give you a hug. Ahah! Assassin!Nomi style. ;D Love ya gangsta sista.

o6. Awahhh, you're so awesome to talk to. ; u ; Love our crazy conversation about aliens and time machines. x') ♥ Wish I could stargaze on a boat in the middle of no where too. Jealouss. I can't wait to hear you live someday. (': I bet you rock hard on that bass. <3

o7. I miss you. ♥

o8. I don't understand how you can act like we're such good friends even though I hardly know you. *u*; I mean, I like it and I'd love to be your best friend~ Or just a good friend at least. ♥ You make me feel special. But, I don't know what to say sometimes cause... I don't know you that well. orz;; I really wanna be better friends with you and everything though. <3 You're so awesome.

o9. Just to let you know. I don't mind being a klutz cause it makes you laugh. (: I love seeing you smile, even though half the time I don't know why you're laughing at me. x'D Thanks for doing all those favors for me. ♥ And then letting me hang over for a couple days. And all those inside jokes! They're the best. ; 3 ;

10. I dunno what to say cause I already told you everything. ♥ You're fantastic and I'm lucky to have you as a friend. C: By the way, you should totally move near me if you have to move. I know I already said that but... I thought I should give a little reminder. >3< Eheh, love you!

    o1. Tell me what you want for Christmas. Like, things you'd ask your parents for. (Clothes, cash, games, computers, cameras, etc etc?) <3 o2. Also! Tell me what you'd like me to do for you for Christmas! I can't guarantee that I'll get to it, but I'll try my best! ♥ (p.s. No art requests please;; I'm behind on requests... still orz; ) Fill in the following! Dear Nomi,   For Christmas I would like (pick one?) ...   1. For you to livestream something again sometime.   2. For you to write a letter to me. (US only, sorryy)   3. For you to do a voice meme...? Ahahah, I dunno if anyone would want that. xD;   4. For you to do a double meme with me!   5. For you to collab with me!   6. For you to make a tutorial for...   7. For you to roleplay with me? ( LOL, I dunno, some people have asked but I keep forgetting, I need a list? o u o; )   7. Or something else? Suggest away! ------- Blarg finals coming up. ;A; Gotta go back to studying. Laterr! :tighthug: nomi

You're Invited~! (be featured)

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 17, 2010, 12:25 PM

o1. No one caught my kiribian.
o2. My subscription is running out!!
o3. I want to feature EVERYONE, so come join in this feature frenzy!

You're Invited Join the Party Be Featured

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ♥-

First, I already have some pictures up on my page of some features to start off the game. Go to "Tea Party Menu" & find two pictures to comment on! ;u;

Next, Link me to the two comments you have made on the featured deviations!

:tea: Now! Give me the link of one picture you'd like to feature. I'll add it to the party menu! Repeat! Do this as many times as you want to feature more of your art! Invite! Get your friends to join the feature frenzy!


Sat Jun 5, 2010, 9:23 AM
je suis retournée ♥

Yes, I'm off my hiatus now that summer has arrive !
Please excuse my inactive-ness. I need to try to catch up on everyone's deviations and such. =u=;; //so behind, as usual.

aternity in wonderland ♥

On another note, for the past week, I've been working away on my mv project. j u j
It was finished last night around midnight. >u<;; It's my first mv ever and completely drawn from scratch! All textures were from cloaks.

Please go check it out and enjoy. (':
//click the picture below for link.

hopefully... ♥

I'll become active again on dA. Thanks everyone for your ever support. >3< I hope everything has been well with you.

( love you guys ! )- :tighthug: nomi

Trading Skies

Thu Apr 29, 2010, 1:55 PM
13 Ways ...

A Collab && Work in Progress with TheCoalMineCanary.
( I am so fortunate and so honored to work with her.
You should most definitely check out her gallery. ♥ )

dear ashq,

I look to the azure splashed above
to watch for the passing whites
the foaming waves of a gentle breeze
painted by the wings of angels

it is
an ephemeral masterpiece
-- never constant , always changing --

a smile spreads across my lips
&& I thank the sky
for today's surprise ♥

dear nomi,

The sun is nothing more
than a slice of light on the horizon,
a brilliant promise of glowing mornings,
hot afternoons, and lazy afternoons
spent sipping lemonade in the porch swing.

The roosters crowed long ago,
but the birds are just beginning their chorus --
a chirp here, a twitter there.
There is a robin on my windowsill,
but his wings pressed against the rising sun
make him seem a phoenix.

A new day, a good morning.
I call myself a sparrow and stretch
my soft wings.

dear ashq,

A gray blanket embraces the celestial ceiling
suffocating the sunrays
leaving the word in a monochrome

I'm waiting
for the sky to cry
&& let out its emotions

I'm waiting
so that its sorrow could be showered away
so that the oppressive clouds would drain itself
upon the thirsty grass
and refresh the Earth
with every drip
and every drop

But for now the sky remains
and left here I am to wait.

dear nomi,

"Do you want a ride?"

I look away from his
Little red pick-up
And stare up at the sun
For perhaps a second too long.

The clouds crackle with static
Like whispy fireworks in daylight.
The heat from the spring sunshine
Settles slowly on my round face
And sinks deeper into my skin.

"Nah, I think I'll walk."

He stuffs his keys in his pocket
And slings his backpack over his shoulder.
"I think I will, too."

I like to imagine
That our shadows on the pavement
Look just like the clouds --
Insubstantial, yet glimmering on the edges
Like the static crackles in the sky.

dear ashq,

6.. Six little stars, embedded into the black backdrop
I counted it once again, just to make sure
then wished to myself that there were more
5.. Five fancy cars lined up by the sidewalk
Glistened by the yellow glow of the street lamps
but I know they won't rest there for long
4.. Four towering skyscrapers, supporting the clouds
each with a billion lighted windows
reminding me of the million nonexistent stars
that should be hanging above
3.. Three giggling girls, running all about
playing to their hearts content
I longed to be one of them
2.. Two curious sisters, May and me
standing, dazed, in New York City
counting the stars that should be there

One lovely moon,
creamy white,
smiles down upon us

I wondered if my friends at home
were looking at the moon too
I hoped they were,
or at least, looking at the sky with me

No matter how far apart we are
At least we can always share the moon.

dear nomi,

But what if I can't bear to share?

The moon is creamy and robust,
haloed tonight,
a round angel with craters for eyes
and the Sea of Tranquility for a mouth.
She floats without wings, ethereal,
pale, and without a doubt,
naturally magical.

I like her --
A guardian that watches over me
and the flickering streetlamp
next to the drugstore.
Her light bids me goodnight
once again.

dear ashq,

Then we can share the sky.

Back. Forth. Back. Forth.
I tucked my legs underneath me
for the backward motion
of the swing.
Only to propel them forward again
like aiming a torpedo
as I leaned forward toward the clouds.
Back. Forth. Back. Froth.

If I leaned far back enough
and only focused on the blue canvas
using the chains that frame the swings
as the parameters of my view . . .

If I imagined that I was ten again
on these magical playgrounds
and allowed my faded youth
to bloom--renaissance . . .

If I closed my eyes
and let Breeze dance through my hair,
I can imagine
I can imagine that I am thousands of feet into the air
My transparent wings unfold as the feathers bristle
I can fly.

So fly I do, like once upon a time.
When the playground swings came to life.